Unique Opportunity
Reach an established audience.
We are offering a very unique opportunity, a chance for you to benefit from all the publicity that will be created when we launch this book and a way for you to advertise in the book itself putting your company directly in front of all the readers of this book.
​You have never seen advertising like this before! Your company in the back of this book!
You will be shocked about how little this cost compared to the numerous benefits it brings. ​ 
We are having a chapter at the back of the book called Authors Recommendations, and you can have an ad for your company in the back of the book, it will be seen at every point when the book and/ or the author is promoted or publicise.
​This is not for everyone. Many will apply though we are only accepting 1 company per industry, so if this is of interest to you please get in touch as soon as possible to see if your industry is still available. 
​If you want to position yourself and your company in front of thousands of open-minded out of the box thinkers, then this opportunity will be very exciting to you.
This book will be launched on the TBC and will be an Amazon Best Seller with a huge audience reach.

half page advert
150 Books
  • 4 Available
  • $3,750
  • 6" X 4.5" Advert
fULL page advert
300 Books
  • 3 Available
  • $6,995
  • 6" X 9" Advert
500 Books
  • 1 Available
  • $11,995
  • 3000 Words
Space is limited and is first come first served ensuring we are aligned with our message and mission.
Unlike flyers, pens and business cards, books are treasured and shared, so your ad will be seen by many and will last over time.
Advertising in this book makes SO much sense because….
Its an ad but it does not feel like a pushy sales ad.
When people are reading a book, their minds are wide open.
Authors are perceived as trusted experts; therefore, their endorsements are powerful for you.
The promotional possibilities around a book are limitless.
A book is the key to open the door to publicity on radio, TV, newspapers, online interviews, podcasts and magazines.
Unlike a flyer, pen or business card, books are never thrown out; your ad will have longevity.
Authors are invited frequently to speak to large groups.
Bonus Chapter
At a cost of 500 books pre-ordered only $11,995 we only have 1 of these to sell so it is limited and first come first served ensuring we are aligned with our message and mission.
Unlike the ads you will have a 3,000 words chapter to add value to our book, to ad value to our readers and really make a 
connection with them, with what you do.
You chapter will be listed as a bonus chapter in the contents page and on the cover of the book.
This is strictly a chapter to add value to the reader and connect rather than an advert, though you will have your contact details in there.
Why should you have an advert in..."Secrets To Manifest!”
Jay shares the 12 laws of the universe and how you can use them to create your dream life.
  • Half page / full page advert placement in the book
  • Link on campaign website
  • Logo on all marketing materials
  • ​Inclusion in ongoing social media campaigns
  • ​Industry exclusive
  • ​Be interviewed by the author
  • ​Your contact details so the readers can get in touch with you directly
  • ​Email Marketing (once the author builds their list they can send 40,000 – 60,000 emails a month, which means you are receiving 720,000 impressions every year just from the emails going out to the authors list). **
  • ​Author endorsement from the stage **
** Only available for Bonus Chapter.
We need to know a little bit about you, 
we would like to ensure that we are aligned with each other.
What Package Are You Interested In?
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